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Wednesday, 02 April 2014 08:34

My Pesto Recipe

We are edging towards the end of summer and my basil plants are starting to flower. Soon it will be too cold for my sun-loving basil to thrive. I needed to harvest most of the leaves before that happened and…
Here is the coloring activity sheet for the kids that I promised in my Life under the ground post as well as the sheet .   Some insects live above the soil-some live underground. Cut out the insects on this…
1. Print out the colour or black and white page from the Freebies page. Click below to download and print it:      You will also need glue, scissors and an empty toilet roll. 2. Cut out all the pieces.…
Friday, 07 March 2014 10:34

Dele van n plant: Lewe onder die grond

See the above illustration of life under the ground (click on the image to enlarge). Coloring activity sheet for the kids to follow soon.
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